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About ME

About Bertie

During University I studied in the Department of Political Economy at King’s College London, achieving

First Class Honours. After graduating I now live in Leicestershire and work in Birmingham as a

Surveyor, helping my clients achieve their ambitions. Moreover, throughout my education and job I have

spent time campaigning in elections and looking to help individuals and communities thrive.


In standing to be your County Councillor I hope to be an effective listener and doer. I am standing for

election because I believe I can get the job done for you at County Hall. I believe I can represent your

interests clearly and effectively.


Leicestershire County Council has a major impact on all our day-to-day lives, and that is why it is so

important you have a representative that can get things done and deliver for our division. So, in May 2021

I ask you to Back Bertie!


Standing to be your County Councillor is an honour. Market Bosworth is one of the largest and most rural

divisions in the whole county, with very specific and important issues. As your County Councillor I

pledge to be on your side for the next four years through continuing to support the opposition to excessive

and inappropriate development. Additionally, I will work through the relevant departments at County Hall

to help ensure local children continue to have access to local schools, and we can all gain access to

doctors and hospitals.


Furthermore, the May 2021 County Council elections are also at the same time as the election for Police

and Crime Commissioner. As a result, if elected I will be working hard to defend our communities from

rural crime and the negative impacts it has on the various communities across the division.


Standing to be your County Councillor is an honour, and over the next few months I hope to win over

your support so we can get on and deliver your priorities over the next four years.